With its internet statistical database (INTS) Latvijas Banka aims to provide users with modern, user friendly and adaptable means for data access and analysis of data using graphic tools. 

INTS features
The data categories available in the INTS are grouped according to statistical areas. One data category is contained in one data cube for which a number of predefined tables are available. Predefined tables can be modified by users to adapt them to their needs. Likewise, users may create their own data tables from an empty template. All data requests can be saved on a user's computer. The INTS provides tools for creating static and dynamic charts, as well as for exporting data. To learn more about the use of the database, please watch a video (please see the titles below) or read the user's guide available on the left-hand side menu.

New functionality added
The INTS has been updated with a new funcitionality which allows the data user to create and save a link to the data table in the chosen document format. Thus the data user can access the data table multiple times. Moreover, the link can also be sent to other data users and used to extract the data automatically.  

Publishing of data
Data available in the INTS are updated in accordance with the calendar that is published on Latvijas Banka's website. A wider range of data categories, descriptions of the data categories and the revision policy are published on Latvijas Banka's website section "Statistics".

Use of data
Statistics compiled by Latvijas Banka is available to users free of charge. When using or reproducing Latvijas Banka's data, the source of data is to be indicated.
Latvijas Banka is not liable for the data obtained by transforming the predefined tables and by creating new tables in the INTS and for the charts obtained by using the graphic tools.

User support
All queries related to the use of the INTS and the data published therein may be sent to statistika@bank.lv or asked directly by calling +371 6702 2586 or by calling the person indicated in informative texts contained under the notes icon.